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Indians of all ethnic groups disapprove of public displays of affection between men and women.

Most Hindus avoid public contact between men and women.

Other religions such as Sikhs and Christians, will also avoid public contact between the sexes.

In larger cities, men and Westernized Indian women may offer to shake hands with foreign men and sometimes with foreign women.

Never keep your purse or wallet in your back pocket.

Standing tall with your hands on your hips is perceived as aggressive.

Pointing with your finger is considered bad manners and rude.

Whistling in public is very bad etiquette and is not acceptable.

Never point your feet at another person as feet are considered unclean.

Stand up when an elder or a guest enters the room and don’t sit until you’ve offered them a seat.

Offer a glass of water (and preferably a cup of tea) to anyone who steps into your home/office.

Stand when the national anthem (of any country) is playing. Show respect to all flags and all religious symbols.

Do not comment on personal appearances or clothes in a negative way; if you cannot say something complimentary, do not say anything at all.

Touching - Public physical contact between men and women is far less acceptable in India than in other parts of the world.

Shoes are never worn in places of worship - you are even required to remove your Shoes when entering certain churches.

Some museums and historical monuments may also require you to remove your shoes, and you should extend a similar courtesy when entering someone's home - this is a normal way of life in Indian etiquette.

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