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You can find anything & everything in India! India is the hologram of the whole world.


Weddings in IndiaMarriages have been an indispensable part of human lives. Though the customs, rituals and traditions vary, the importance of marriages remain the same worldwide. But the Indian wedding and its style have created rage all over. The tourism sector of India earns much and is greatly boosted by Indian wedding. A wedding is one of the most sanctified and special event of one’s life.

Indian wedding is the best way to experience the wondrous social customs of the land. They have been an occasion of enchantment and excitement, not only for the Indians but also for the outsiders since ages. Indian wedding are synonymous with glitz, glamour and motley of traditional rituals. They make our holiday in India worth while.


Saath Phere (Seven Rounds)The Saat Pheres or the Seven Rounds around the pious fire is an important part of the Indian wedding. All this is followed by the Vedic Mantras. The colourful Maharaja like weddings of India stimulate many foreigners to get wed in Indian style.

This land being a treasure trove of cultures and traditions lures many young couples to celebrate their weddings in true blue Indian style. Western couples are getting married in India in increasing numbers, believing the sacred rites will make their marriages last longer.

According to the Indian Culture, marriage is a sacred ceremony involving the presence of relatives, friends and family of the two individuals getting married. It is thought to be auspicious for the two people starting a new life to abide by certain rituals. These rituals invoke the gods and certain symbolic rites are performed to get the couple initiated into a married life. You can witness the extravaganza of the Indian marriage rituals by Planning a Wedding Tour to India. Getting married in India entails a long and elaborate affair, with every step rooted in religious traditions, signifying various aspects of the life that is to follow after the marriage.

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